How fast can you complete the final stage training (slippery driving)?2020-12-17T10:00:23+02:00

In one day! For example: if the training starts at 10:00, you will receive a certificate at 13:30.


Where does slippery driving begin?2020-12-17T10:03:36+02:00

You must come to address Ehitajate tee 108. Select “25” on the phonolock and press the clock sign (Class SKYDriving school).


Where does slippery driving end?2020-12-17T10:04:19+02:00

Same place, where it started – Ehitajate tee 108.

Is driving school certificate necessary?2020-12-17T10:06:47+02:00

No, it’s not necessary, we’re create new driving school and training certificate. However, an identity document must be included.


Will my data appear at Maanteeamet immediately after completing the training?2020-12-17T10:08:32+02:00

We will enter the data within a maximum of two days.

What else do I need to do after the slippery driving training?2020-12-17T10:10:52+02:00

When it is time to exchange your driver ‘s license, just go to website www.mnt.ee and choose how to obtain a new driving license (by post or on the spot). NB: Driver’s license can be exchanged up to a year after its expiring.


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